Laughter is the Best Medicine

By Kim Murphey

I am thankful for the people out there that make me laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine. We should laugh at ourselves, laugh at the funny things that little kids do and say, be with people who make us laugh. It helps with stress, improves your mood and makes you healthier.

I like finding funny things and passing them on to friends to hopefully brighten their day. I don’t want to fill up their email with a bunch of junk though. That’s why I like to share a funny link on Twitter or Facebook every now and then. I can post it and it’s up to you if you click on it. Here’s a video of a woman teaching face yoga. She is serious. It’s not supposed to be funny but when she gets to the smiling fish face exercise at the end, you’ll be pretty hard pressed to keep a straight face. Ask someone else to make this face. It produces fits of giggles from anyone watching.

So thank you to all you clever bloggers, comedians, and people with video camera’s catching your kids or pets doing funny things.  Thanks to the funny people who make this world a better place with your sense of humor, the way you look at something different from the rest of us. It brightens my day. Happy Thanksgiving!


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