Review-The Ticking Clock

The Ticking ClockReview by Kim Murphey

The Ticking Clock draws inspiration from a series of true stories about women and their lives regarding their struggles with their biological clocks and motherhood. Watching these tales being told by the varied and talented cast, I now have a greater appreciation for all that women go through from teens to old age. After the play there was a brief interactive dialogue with the audience that included three women’s poignant life stories.

I was able to talk with the playwright Jody Gehrman about how she came up with the idea for this play. She is an English professor at Mendocino College and author of numerous novels who received a grant to write about women’s biological clocks. After her team interviewed over 150 women concerning the choices they make or sometimes are made for them regarding motherhood, she melded the information and stories into this play.

The Ticking Clock” directed by Linda Reid is playing at the 6th Street Playhouse in Santa Rosa. If you are a woman or care about the women in your life (that should cover almost everyone), this play is a must see. Empathy and understanding can help us all get along better in this world. It runs from March 18-April 3 and tickets are $10-$25.

Jody GehrmanMendocino College6th Street Playhouse


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