Book Review: Thyroid Mind Power

ThyroidMindPowerReview by Kim Murphey

Everyone should read Thyroid Mind Power  by Richard Shames, MD , Karilee Shames, PhD, RN, and Georajan Shames, LAc. If this book doesn’t help  you, it will help someone you know. In fact every doctor and therapist should read this book too. If you know of someone who suffers from any of these symptoms: constantly tired, depression, addictions, insomnia, narcolepsy, anxiety, panic attacks, memory loss, feeling foggy, cold hands and feet, chronic irritability, angry for no reason, ADD, ADHD, alcoholism, eating disorders, dementia and more, it is possible with the right testing, that their thyroid
is too low/high. Thyroid affects how everything else functions in our body yet most people don’t know that their problems could all stem from it not working correctly. Many doctors don’t understand what tests they should order that will show true thyroid levels either. They use the standard test and tell you if you fall in-between these ranges, you don’t have a problem, even though there are more precise tests out there that will tell you otherwise.

Part I of this book describes all of the symptoms and many of the problems caused by too low/high thyroid levels. There is a self assessment questionnaire and recommendations on where to get properly tested. There are many natural supplements and acupuncture that can help with this problem as well, which are also covered.

Part II has five chapters on what type of person you may be (Moody, Edgy, Foggy, Sleepy, Needy) and the symptoms, causes, and help for this type of person.

Part III sums it all up and gives you recommendations for where to find help, additional thyroid boosters, advice about eating better, hormones, how and why to reduce stress, vitamin recommendations and reasons why you should meditate, exercise, and various other helpful advice.

I now realize why I had these health problems all of my life and that I had inherited the thyroid problem from my mother (who never knew she had one). Between that and the constant barrage of offending carcinogens that are in our water (fluoride is a huge culprit), the food we eat and the air we breath, it’s pretty hard not to have your thyroid affected over the long run these days. This book will help you deal with it and hopefully get you the care you deserve.

This last part is My Personal Story

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 19. I took thyroid medicine for a year. When I was 25 and expecting my first child, I was told that I was low on thyroid but nothing would be done until after the baby was born. After that I was put on synthetic thyroid medicine again and have been on it ever since. My first few doctors rarely ran blood tests to monitor it. Most would feel my neck and say everything was just fine, no need for tests, just keep taking the same dose. Yet I had horrible menstrual problems all those years, hot flashes, headaches, tinnitus, freezing hands and feet and other things. I was told repeatedly that this was also normal (now I know they were all signs of thyroid imbalance, even though I was already on thyroid medication). By the time I was 40 I had endometriosis so bad that I needed a complete hysterectomy, which threw me into instant medical menopause. At the same time, my mother who had similar problems all her life was diagnosed with endometrial cancer (of which she died from 3 years later). It wasn’t until I started researching endometriosis and endometrial cancer that I realized I had probably inherited her problems.

It was a few years after my hysterectomy and in search of relief from the unexplained weight gain and constant nausea that I had while wearing my hormone patch, I discovered a doctor who explained what thyroid should do and how it affected my hormone problems. Between readjusting my thyroid medications, adding T3 and adding some natural bio-identical hormone replacement creams, my life was turned around. Everything was not 100% better but I now understood how things worked and that it would be a constant process of tweaking the various medications to deal with the changes my body would naturally go through over time.

I believe in using natural products and therapies. It’s a sorry state that we live in when we can’t get or afford the natural remedies we need because our insurance doesn’t cover it, a doctor doesn’t know anything about it, or a pharmaceutical company doesn’t sell it. I have gone to holistic doctors, massage therapist, chiropractors and acupuncturist, including Georjana Shames, one of the authors of this book, and believe in their healing ways. But it’s all been at my own expense, which is financially hard on most people these days. Some insurance companies are realizing how these area’s of healing can help. Even Kaiser has started adding many of  these specialist to their list of providers. Give this book to your doctor or ask him/her to read it. If your doctor won’t or can’t help you,  Dr. Richard ShamesKarilee Shames, PhD, RN, and Georajan Shames, LAc. would be glad to help

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Thyroid Mind Power

  1. Thank you for sharing this post.

    More attention needs to be given to how common postpartum thyroid and hormone imbalances are! (It is OFTEN the cause of postpartum insomnia, anxiety or depression)

    After I had my baby I suffered from sleep apnea (didn’t know it- just noticed I now only slept on my side and felt very tired after even 8 or 9 hours sleep and noticed sometimes I woke up choking), insomnia, skin so dry it peeled like a sunburn, very dry hair, excessive hair loss, excessive urination, sensitivity to cold, very rapid weight loss without diet (lost all postpartum weight in first 2 weeks), trouble swallowing, a tight feeling around the neck, weight gain while exercising and on a diet, puffy cheeks, allergies, memory problems, vitiligo, low supply breast milk, frequent sore throats, hoarse voice, fluid in ear, lethargy, rapid heart rate, low blood pressure, low temp, and a big indicator- a 9 day heavy period. (As you can see, I had just about every symptom, yet no doctor I saw could figure out it was my thyroid!) I even eventually had an uptake scan (at my request- the doctor did not know enough to even do that.) and though it was out of the normal limits and a nodule was found and I was experiencing EXTREME insomnia, extreme weight loss and irregular periods coming every two weeks along with hot flashes and mood changes, she had no idea how to treat it! She said well maybe you could try some kelp! I think TWO years later, I have finally found a doctor knowledgable about it and she was very upset and baffled that the other doctor just said to try kelp! I am now in early menopause at 28 and have lost everything in my life because of the ignorance surrounding thyroid conditions and the ignorance of doctors who just want to tag you as depressed rather than find out what is wrong.

    Also, now looking back I realized that before I even got pregnant, I was a writer who often inserted a word that made no sense in a paragraph or often couldn’t think of the right word during a conversation, menstrual irregularities, some memory/comprehension difficulties in school, had very dry hair since I was 13, dry skin, fluctuating weight yet normal diet, often a third of eyebrows was missing, and a slight case of social anxiety (it made no sense as I loved acting and was a people person.) Unfortunately I don’t think I had ever even heard of the thyroid gland other than in school science class! I never realized it could be causing these issues. My mom used to make fun of me that I used the wrong word in conversation that made no sense or often couldn’t think of a word at all. But I guess sadly I didn’t think anything of this and just assumed it was normal. I got A’s in college and was very intelligent and creative but when it came to my health and every day life, I was dumb; my parents never even taught me the importance of taking vitamins or really anything about how to take charge of my own health. I guess you can’t teach someone what you don’t know or what you don’t practice in your own life- my mom has terrible memory problems but rather than checking her thyroid or what might be causing it, she accepts it is just her and says she is happy that way! Now I understand why I accepted that the dry frizzy hair, word finding difficulties, comprehension problems, dry skin, and slight anxiety were “just me”! That is what was modeled to me all my life.

    My dad has suffered from chrones disease for as long as I can remember. Both he and another one of my sisters are lactose intolerant. My sister has horrible endometriosis and was never able to get pregnant. One of my sisters suffers from really severe pms. And only recently was I told that that when my sister was a teen, the doctor said she had a goiter.

    Parents need to start becoming more educated about their childrens health and be their advocates!!! I think it is their duty as a parent.

    I am thankful for all the work the Shames are doing with thyroid!

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