Review: The Mystery of Irma Vep

The Mystery Irma Vep

Review by Kim Murphey

This campy play was a hilarious romp from start to finish. The Mystery of Irma Vep directed by Marty Pistone, staring Craig A. Miller and Ryan Schabach, who play all the characters including various women, men, a werewolf, a vampire and an Egyption mummy princess come back to life. They had so many quick costume changes and entrances from opposites side of the stage, that I can only imagine the chaos behind the scenes with the stage crew but it was well done and an interesting side to the play just to see how fast they could change or move from one side to the other. This play is a spoof on many other plays and it had the audience laughing almost continuously. It featured Janis Wilson as the live musical and sound effects person off to the left of the stage. She interacted with the two actors and the audience, similar to the way a silent film organist would have. I recommend this play to anyone who likes theater and comedy.

It is playing at the 6th Street Playhouse through June 26


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