Modern Day Nightmare

By Kim Murphey

I had a dream this morning. Well more like a nightmare. My laptop and iPhone were sitting on a desk next to an open window and when I came back into the room, someone had taken them. I was distraught to say the least. Aside from being upset that I had lost something valuable that I don’t have the money to replace, the sheer terror of realizing that I now have no way for anyone to get a hold of me or me them. I am one of those people who have turned off the land line. I don’t have a little paper phone book anymore with all my contacts in it either. Everyone I know has been put into my address book on my phone and computer. I only have a few key phone numbers memorized . Yes I back it up to an external hard drive but I only have one of those and it was gone with the computer. I use both computer and phone constantly for work, school and to keep in touch with everyone. Without them I would be lost.

I came close to this nightmare being partially a reality a few months ago when my phone got wet and shorted out two days before I was traveling somewhere. I couldn’t imagine leaving without a phone. After a trip to the ATT store only confirmed that I would have to spend a boat load of money to replace my phone, I tried the Apple Store next. To my amazement they replaced the phone! It was 2 days short of the end of its one year warranty and the fact that they don’t cover water damage, which I was well aware of, made their decision to replace it all the more surprising to me. But I gladly accepted their generous one time offer and went off on my trip with a working connection to my world, feeling so much safer and with peace of mind that I could get a hold of anyone or have any information I might need at my finger tips.

It made me think how for the most part, people have embraced the use of daily cell phone and internet use. Gone are the days of using a pay phone or even the phone in your hotel room other than to order room service. Most research isn’t done with books and if you want to know the answer to almost any question you just Google it. With the upcoming cloud based servers, maybe my nightmare wouldn’t have been so bad as all my important info would be accessible from any computer. Then it would just have been about the replacement cost. Wait, that would still be a nightmare! I was so happy when that little alarm went off on my phone waking me up this morning.


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