Kite’s Book: Tales of an 18th Century Hitman

Kites Book
Photo by Eric Chazankin

Review by Kim Murphey

The West Coast Premiere of Kite’s Book: Tales of an 18th Century Hitman started this Friday. Playright Robert Caisley was inspired partly by the O.J. Simpson trial and a few other famous trials held in the 90’s. Caisleys penchant for classical plays, costumes and sword fights had him set the play in the 18th century, another era famous for its public trials and executions that entertained thousands.

The talented cast of actors, including Rahman Darlrymple as
Black Kite-the Hitman, Clint Campbell as Will Carew, Ray Morgan as Emile
Ferriere-a renowned French executioner (the only comedic role) and many others, who brought to life the characters they portrayed with the conflicts of the time, witty dialogue and intense swordplay. There was a message in this play as well, speaking to all about crime, punishments and our justice system today. Directed by the accomplished Craig A. Miller, this play is running from Sept 30- Oct 23 at 6th Street Playhouse in Santa Rosa.

Rahman Darlrymple

Tickets were provided in exchange for a review.


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