FrankensteinReview by Kim Murphey

The Independent Eye’s “Frankenstein” produced by 6th Street Playhouse

This is a “live theatrical animation” production of Mary Shelley’s classic tale. Three actors all dressed in black wearing masks of their own make life size puppets come to life with the dark story of man who is tormented by his mother’s early death and his decent into mental instability as he creates a monster that doesn’t need to be born, then he has to live with the consequences of his creation.

This is not a show for young children. I took my teen daughter who thought it was dark but then she likes dark stories. After the show we spoke briefly with the actors/puppeteer’s and got a closer look at the puppets that they had created themselves. They are very amazing faces that even photos don’t do justice.

If you like to listen to a dark tale on these cold October nights, then get on over to 6th Street Playhouse in Santa Rosa. All seats are $10 and the show goes through Oct 23rd.


Just quick note of thanks for your attending and reviewing FRANKENSTEIN. Much appreciated.
Conrad Bishop, The Independent Eye


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