Review: A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story
photo by Eric Chazankin

Review by Kim Murphey

The opening night theatrical performance of “A Christmas Story” was November 19th at 6th Street Playhouse. The director Bronwen Shears and the cast of seven children and four adults did a wonderful job telling this story, keeping the audience smiling throughout.

This play is based off of the classic motion picture A Christmas Story, which came out in 1983. The idea for the movie was taken from three short stories that were written by Jean Shepherd and published in Playboy magazine in the 60’s.

For those of you out there who haven’t heard of this story, seen the movie, or wondered where the saying, “you’ll shoot your eye out” or the infamous “leg lamp” came from, see this play and you’ll finally understand. For the rest of us,

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp
Photo by Eric Chazankin

the story of 9 year old Ralphie Parker (played by John David Vozaitis) on a quest to get a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas and the daily life (sometimes very comical) surrounding him which involves his parents, younger brother and friends, is a trip down memory lane. The subplots involving Ralph’s parents & the “leg lamp,” the local school bully, and a various scenes from the schoolroom are all recreated on the stage. The story is told to us by the grown up Ralph (played by Mark Bradbury) as he remembers the best Christmas present ever.

This play is appropriate for all ages and is running through December 23.

Tickets are $15-$32
For more information
6th Street Playhouse close to the Historical Railroad Square in

Jean Shepherd,  Red Ryder BB gunleg lampA Christmas Story

Tickets provided in exchange for review


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