Review: The 39 Steps

39 Steps-5151
Photos by Eric Chazankin

Review by Kim Murphey

Opening night of the play “The 39 Steps” at 6th Street Playhouse was sold out. We all were treated to a fast paced, hilarious show directed by Craig Miller, starring Adam Burkholder, Paul Huberty, Larry Williams, and April Krautner.

Having never seen the famous Alfred Hitchcock movie or the Tony Award winning Broadway play, I had no preconceived ideas of what the story was about. I was in for a treat. This comedic show with multiple characters played by the talented four person cast was non-stop from the second it started. Watching Paul Huberty and Larry Williams change characters right in front of your eyes by switching hats and accents (and sometimes clothes) was funny and convincing at the same time, two very talented guys. The “action” scenes were done well too, the train chase scene being my favorite.

This story was originally written in 1915 by Scottish author John Buchan, the first of five novels about an all action hero with a surprising knack for getting out of sticky situations. It was later adapted as a radio show, three movie versions, this comedic theatrical version which started in London and moved on to Broadway and a BBC TV series.

Interested in a good evening out? See this play from Jan. 6 -21 at 6th Street Playhouse. Tickets are between $10-25.

Historical Railroad Square in Downtown Santa Rosa

Alfred HitchcockJohn Buchan

Tickets provided in exchange for review


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