Ebook Review: Photography for Kids!

Photography for Kids! A Fun Guide to Digital Photography

Photography For Kids!
Photography For Kids!

By Kim Murphey

This is a review of the ebook version of Photography for Kids! A Fun Guide to Digital Photography by Michael Ebert & Sandra Abend

Having been a teacher of young children and a lover of photographer, I was interested in what this book had to offer. It is written for 8 to 14 year olds. After reading it, I thought it had some good information and nice pictures but I wasn’t so sure how well it would go over with a child. It seemed too wordy for the younger kids and not enough eye-popping pictures to keep the attention of the 12-14 year olds.

I asked my thirteen-year-old daughter to take a look at it. Between Tumbler, Facebook, and YouTube, she’s on her laptop a lot these days. She also takes some pretty good pictures with her digital camera. She said she thought a book like this would be easier to read in hardback form but it didn’t catch her attention anyway other than having some cool pictures. I know that’s one kids opinion out of millions.

I would recommend this for children 10 and under if a parent were to read one chapter at a time with the child, either in the digital or the hardback version and then have the child try the various things that are discussed, it could work. The chapter Bring Your Camera for a Swim had some fun ideas as did Making Small Objects Look Bigger. But to hand it to a child who was interested in photography and say, “Read this,” I’m not sure how far they’d get before they lost interest. Maybe a hardback version would be different as they could flip through the book and see pictures that interested them and then read about that particular photo process. In some cases an ebook format just doesn’t work as well as the hardback version. This ebook was given in exchange for a review by O’Reilly Media through their blogger review program.

Photography for Kids! A Fun Guide to Digital Photography
O’Reilly Media 


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