The Price

Play Review

The Price-Photo by Eric Chazankin
The Price-Photo by Eric Chazankin

The Price by Arthur Miller is an intriguing family drama that was first a Broadway play in 1968. It is now being performed at Cinnabar Theater in Petaluma. The issues of love, regret, hurt, betrayal, death, and family favorites in this story are pertinent to any era. The four actors in this play did a great job of making me care about the story and what was happening on stage.

Samson Hood plays Victor Franz. He had a huge role and was not off the stage once throughout the play. He was very convincing as the worn out cop, tired spouse, and long suffering brother who’s now forced to sell the family furniture and deal with emotions he would rather have left alone.

Charles Siebert plays Gregory Solomon who is an old antique dealer. He gets unintentionally stuck in the middle of a family feud by being randomly picked out of the phone book to give a price on the furniture needing to be sold. He provides the humor with his Russian accent and many distracting side stories as he drags out the “deal” on the furniture.

Madeline Ashe plays Ester Franz, Victor’s wife. I felt her frustration with the whole situation, how she loves her husband yet doesn’t fully understand the family dynamics that lead to his self-sacrificing ways all these years. As his wife, she wants the best for him and thinks if he just retires, it would solve everything.

John Shillington plays Walter Franz, the brother of Victor. He spends the second half of the play trying to convince all that he is not a successful, self-serving jerk of a doctor who abandoned not only his father but his brother. Now after 30 years, he has seen the error of his ways and is back to make amends.

This play doesn’t answer any questions or solve any of life’s dilemmas. It does make you think though and it was definitely entertaining.  I wished Mr. Siebert had a bigger role as his presence lit up the stage.

Directed by Sheri Lee Miller
Cinnabar Theater March 22-April 7, 2013

The Price by Arthur Miller, Charles Siebert

Tickets provided in exchange for review

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