Young Frankenstein: A Review

Young Frankenstein at Sperkels Performing Arts Center
Photos by Eric Chazankin

Director Gene Abravaya has another hit on his hands! After a very long day I barely made it time to see this musical comedy. I’m glad I did as it was a fast paced, laugh-a-minute delight!

Based on the story and screenplay by Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder, this parody of classic horror films from the 1930’s became the award-winning 1974 comedy film Young Frankenstein. In 2007 it opened as a Broadway musical called The New Mel Brooks Musical Young Frankenstein. Both versions were big hits. The Spreckels Theatre Company is preforming their version full of classic lines, crazy characters, running gags and musical numbers.

Young Frankenstein at Spreckels Performing Arts CenterThis talented assemble of singing actors stars Tim Setzer as Dr. Frederick Frankenstein and Jeffery Weissman as the hunchback Igor. They are a hit comedic team together. Add in Mary Gannon Graham as Frau Blucher, who is just a fun character to play with her accent and the horse whinnying gag running every time her name was mentioned. Then you have Allison Rae Baker as the sexy assistant Inga, Denise Elia-Yen who is Elizabeth Benning the tease of a fiancé, Braedyn Youngberg as The Monster, and John Shillington as Inspector Kemp and Harold the Hermit, along with a host of other dancing, singing villagers performing on a big stage with a live orchestra.

My favorite songs were Frau Blucher’s rendition of He Was My Boyfriend and Victor, The Monster, Inga & Igor singing and dancing Puttin’ On the Ritz, complete with top hats and tails. If you want to have a fun time and leave your daily cares behind for a few hours, I highly recommend this hilarious play as way to accomplish that.

Directed by Gene Abravaya
Music Direction by Sandy and Richard Riccardi
Choreography by Michella Snider
Set Design by Eddy Hansen
Costume Design by Pamela Enz

Young Frankenstein runs May 10-19, 2013 at the Spreckels Performing Arts Center in Rohnert Park

Tickets provided in exchange for review

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