Scrooge: Play Review

by Eric Chazankin
Scrooge, photos by Eric Chazankin

This is a review of  Scrooge The Musical which is currently playing at the Spreckels Theater in Rohnert Park,  directed by Gene Abravaya and starring Tim Setzer along with a full cast of talented actors. This play is based on the Charles Dickens story,  A Christmas Carol.

I loved the play, which kept everyone entertained at a fast clip throughout. This theatrical performance is listed as an “E-Ticket” experience, which is derived from Disneyland’s pre 1982 ticketing system that referred to rides rated “E for unusually interesting or thrilling.” That completely describes this play. It is performed in a smaller theater with an maximum audience of 98 who are sitting on bleachers set up on two sides of the room.  Most of the performance is taking place on the floor in front of the by Eric Chazankinaudience, as they look down upon the scene. Some of the actors get up close and personal with the audience as they are at eye level with the first row of seated viewers. There is a minimal stage with various props that fit into it and two huge walls which are the background.  Scene changes and “special effects,” including some ghosts, come from 5 projectors on the ceiling.

Tim Setzer, starring as Scrooge, puts on a spectacular performance and carried the play. He has a great stage presence and wonderful singing voice, creating many haunting harmonies with his fellow actors. This is the 3rd play I’ve seen with Tim Setzer as the star and while I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them all, this one is my new my favorite. Do you want to by Eric Chazankinget in the Christmas spirit? Go see this play and take the family with you!

(suitable for 10 and up or those who can sit quietly for 2 hours)

For more information or tickets, see Scrooge The Musical at Spreckels Theatre Company Nov 29- Dec 22

Tickets provided in exchange for review

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