Catch Me If You Can, The Musical

Opening night at Catch Me If You Can, The Musical was a fun and romantic night for the whole audience. What happened after the curtain call provided the romance but I’ll get to that later.

10268407_632961293441264_6431982098452584014_nDirected by Gene Abravaya, this Spreckels Theatre production stars Zack Howard, a relative newcomer to the acting stage, although apparently not a newcomer to singing or performing. Zack plays the young con artist and check forger, Frank Abagnale, Jr. Zack has a wonderful voice and confident stage presence. David Yen did a great job as FBI agent Carl Hanratty and several of the songs he sang with Zack and Garet Waterhouse, who played Frank Abagnale, Sr., seemed to be crowd favorites. That was until the second act when Kelly 10306393_632962863441107_4389878122253809944_nBrandeburg, who plays Wendy Strong, the fiancé to Frank Jr, wowed everyone with a spectacular number called “Goodbye.” She almost stole the show! Many lively song and dance numbers from the cast kept the play moving along at a fast pace. The audience was on their feet at the end with applause!

Something happened after the curtain call that will not be repeated after any other show, but it should be mentioned here because it was done so well. The star, Zack Howard, asked the audience to stay for something special. He had his girlfriend escorted up on the stage and proceeded to re-sing the plays opening song, “Live In Living Color” which he’d changed some of the words to. The whole cast sang and danced along with him. He then got down on one knee and proposed. Of course she said yes. Very romantic on a large scale. Congrats to Zack and Lauren!

History: Based off of semi autobiographical story, most people became familiar with Frank Abagnale, Jr. in 2002 when Stephen Spielberg’s hit movie Catch Me If You Can, starring Lionardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, came out. Catch Me If You Can, The Musical became an award winning a Broadway Musical in 2011.

Catch Me If You Can is playing May 9-25, for tickets to to Spreckels Performing Arts Center

Photos by Eric Chazankin

Tickets provided in exchange for review