Ebook Review: Photography for Kids!

Photography for Kids! A Fun Guide to Digital Photography

Photography For Kids!
Photography For Kids!

By Kim Murphey

This is a review of the ebook version of Photography for Kids! A Fun Guide to Digital Photography by Michael Ebert & Sandra Abend

Having been a teacher of young children and a lover of photographer, I was interested in what this book had to offer. It is written for 8 to 14 year olds. After reading it, I thought it had some good information and nice pictures but I wasn’t so sure how well it would go over with a child. It seemed too wordy for the younger kids and not enough eye-popping pictures to keep the attention of the 12-14 year olds.

I asked my thirteen-year-old daughter to take a look at it. Between Tumbler, Facebook, and YouTube, she’s on her laptop a lot these days. She also takes some pretty good pictures with her digital camera. She said she thought a book like this would be easier to read in hardback form but it didn’t catch her attention anyway other than having some cool pictures. I know that’s one kids opinion out of millions.

I would recommend this for children 10 and under if a parent were to read one chapter at a time with the child, either in the digital or the hardback version and then have the child try the various things that are discussed, it could work. The chapter Bring Your Camera for a Swim had some fun ideas as did Making Small Objects Look Bigger. But to hand it to a child who was interested in photography and say, “Read this,” I’m not sure how far they’d get before they lost interest. Maybe a hardback version would be different as they could flip through the book and see pictures that interested them and then read about that particular photo process. In some cases an ebook format just doesn’t work as well as the hardback version. This ebook was given in exchange for a review by O’Reilly Media through their blogger review program.

Photography for Kids! A Fun Guide to Digital Photography
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Book Review: Thyroid Mind Power

ThyroidMindPowerReview by Kim Murphey

Everyone should read Thyroid Mind Power  by Richard Shames, MD , Karilee Shames, PhD, RN, and Georajan Shames, LAc. If this book doesn’t help  you, it will help someone you know. In fact every doctor and therapist should read this book too. If you know of someone who suffers from any of these symptoms: constantly tired, depression, addictions, insomnia, narcolepsy, anxiety, panic attacks, memory loss, feeling foggy, cold hands and feet, chronic irritability, angry for no reason, ADD, ADHD, alcoholism, eating disorders, dementia and more, it is possible with the right testing, that their thyroid
is too low/high. Thyroid affects how everything else functions in our body yet most people don’t know that their problems could all stem from it not working correctly. Many doctors don’t understand what tests they should order that will show true thyroid levels either. They use the standard test and tell you if you fall in-between these ranges, you don’t have a problem, even though there are more precise tests out there that will tell you otherwise.

Part I of this book describes all of the symptoms and many of the problems caused by too low/high thyroid levels. There is a self assessment questionnaire and recommendations on where to get properly tested. There are many natural supplements and acupuncture that can help with this problem as well, which are also covered.

Part II has five chapters on what type of person you may be (Moody, Edgy, Foggy, Sleepy, Needy) and the symptoms, causes, and help for this type of person.

Part III sums it all up and gives you recommendations for where to find help, additional thyroid boosters, advice about eating better, hormones, how and why to reduce stress, vitamin recommendations and reasons why you should meditate, exercise, and various other helpful advice.

I now realize why I had these health problems all of my life and that I had inherited the thyroid problem from my mother (who never knew she had one). Between that and the constant barrage of offending carcinogens that are in our water (fluoride is a huge culprit), the food we eat and the air we breath, it’s pretty hard not to have your thyroid affected over the long run these days. This book will help you deal with it and hopefully get you the care you deserve.

This last part is My Personal Story

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 19. I took thyroid medicine for a year. When I was 25 and expecting my first child, I was told that I was low on thyroid but nothing would be done until after the baby was born. After that I was put on synthetic thyroid medicine again and have been on it ever since. My first few doctors rarely ran blood tests to monitor it. Most would feel my neck and say everything was just fine, no need for tests, just keep taking the same dose. Yet I had horrible menstrual problems all those years, hot flashes, headaches, tinnitus, freezing hands and feet and other things. I was told repeatedly that this was also normal (now I know they were all signs of thyroid imbalance, even though I was already on thyroid medication). By the time I was 40 I had endometriosis so bad that I needed a complete hysterectomy, which threw me into instant medical menopause. At the same time, my mother who had similar problems all her life was diagnosed with endometrial cancer (of which she died from 3 years later). It wasn’t until I started researching endometriosis and endometrial cancer that I realized I had probably inherited her problems.

It was a few years after my hysterectomy and in search of relief from the unexplained weight gain and constant nausea that I had while wearing my hormone patch, I discovered a doctor who explained what thyroid should do and how it affected my hormone problems. Between readjusting my thyroid medications, adding T3 and adding some natural bio-identical hormone replacement creams, my life was turned around. Everything was not 100% better but I now understood how things worked and that it would be a constant process of tweaking the various medications to deal with the changes my body would naturally go through over time.

I believe in using natural products and therapies. It’s a sorry state that we live in when we can’t get or afford the natural remedies we need because our insurance doesn’t cover it, a doctor doesn’t know anything about it, or a pharmaceutical company doesn’t sell it. I have gone to holistic doctors, massage therapist, chiropractors and acupuncturist, including Georjana Shames, one of the authors of this book, and believe in their healing ways. But it’s all been at my own expense, which is financially hard on most people these days. Some insurance companies are realizing how these area’s of healing can help. Even Kaiser has started adding many of  these specialist to their list of providers. Give this book to your doctor or ask him/her to read it. If your doctor won’t or can’t help you,  Dr. Richard ShamesKarilee Shames, PhD, RN, and Georajan Shames, LAc. would be glad to help

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Review:Head First WordPress

Head First WordPress

Review by Kim Murphey

Head First WordPress by Jeff Siarto is a self-help book for people who want to use WordPress for blogging or hosting a site. I have the paperback and ebook version (the ebook version was given to me by O’Reilly Media through their blogger review program). Since I use WordPress, I was hoping that this book would help me learn more “tricks” that I didn’t already know or it would be something I could recommend for beginners wanting to start a blog.

I read through the first chapter on getting started, but I didn’t set up a new account. It seemed straightforward enough. About half way through the second chapter, the book delves into explanations of PHP, HTML, CSS and how to use it to change the look of your site. For the true beginner, this is more information than they really need to know and most would be lost, or give up on the whole idea of doing it themselves and think they need to hire an expert. The coding information is thrown in here and there throughout the rest of the book. The chapter on Video and Plugins was informative and something that a beginner would find very helpful. The chapter on Podcasting was interesting, too; something I wasn’t familiar with creating at all until reading it here. From the chapter on Securing WordPress, I thought this was the most useful piece of advice.

“Before you consider any other ways to secure your WordPress site, the first thing you need to dois make sure that your WordPress installation and plug-ins are all current. A large percentage ofattacks on WordPress sites happen to blogs that are using out-of-date software. When WordPress finds security flaws and bugs, they are patched with updates regularly—don’t ignore the pleas toupdate your software. The same logic applies to any plug-ins you have installed.”

This book was informative and there were many aspects of it that would be useful for a beginner using WordPress. Though I think a true beginner would need further help from a WordPress expert, at least they would have a working site and the general idea of how to do everything.

Head First WordPress

“Cooking For Geeks” by Jeff Potter: Book Review

Review by Kim Murphey

Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food by Jeff Potter is not your average cook book. There are many great recipes covering everything from a Chocolate Port Cake to Duck Confit Sugo. What is unique about this book is the scientific reasons why things do what they do when you cook or mix them together, all written in a fun and informative style.

I have been cooking for years and I learned a lot from this great book. One of the subjects was on smell and taste. I’ve never heard of “supertasters” before. I now know what they are and how to determine if I am one (I’m not but my daughter is). This explainsCooking For Geeks by Jeff Potter about people’s many different reactions to taste, especially if you have picky eaters at home.

Despite all the experiments with chemicals, dry ice and blow torches (which appeals to some), the recipes and information in this book run from simple to complex. You will learn how to calibrate your oven using sugar, the best kitchen utensils to have, how to cook using sous vide (under vacuum) and so much more. I would recommend this book as a staple in anyone’s kitchen. It might even get those whose idea of cooking is to put a frozen pizza in the oven, to actually try some recipes, even if it’s just for the fun experiments. If you do everything by laptop, the e-book version would be a great addition to your collection too. Just make sure you have a splash guard on that keyboard!

Cooking For Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food by Jeff Potter

Publisher: O’Reilly Media, Inc.